It’s October, which meant 2 things;

That these photos have been gathering dust in my enormous photo folders for 6 months,

And that it is the time of the year when I start looking back and wonder if I have accomplished anything of worth for the past 10 months. Continue reading

Fashion, Runway Review


I would like to confess.

To confess that yours truly has no idea what Lepidoptera means prior to Keiko Nishiyama’s SS16 show.

To confess that yours truly usually steers clear from most things patterned.

But when Keiko unlocked yet another of her cabinet of curiosities at Sketch’s 18th century inspired Glade Room, I am drawn right into its secret.   Continue reading



They say a city grows on you. But the funny thing is you never knew it does until it is time to leave. Continue reading


Lazy Easter Lunch

Brighton has not been this quiet for a long time. Pulled down shop shuttles coupled with the usual idleness of a Sunday morning makes dim sum the only worth well reason to head to town. As if to blend in with the overall slow pace, this leisure occasion calls for comfort dressing in the form of slouchy clothing. Continue reading

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Sight of Spring

Silence is all there is on this blog for the past months. I can ensure you that this is and definitely not what I hope to keep up. The past colder months have been some of the most challenging for me, personally, academically, socially.

But Spring is finally here. Continue reading