They say a city grows on you. But the funny thing is you never knew it does until it is time to leave. Continue reading

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Sight of Spring

Silence is all there is on this blog for the past months. I can ensure you that this is and definitely not what I hope to keep up. The past colder months have been some of the most challenging for me, personally, academically, socially.

But Spring is finally here. Continue reading

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Rubbing a lil’ Happiness from this Nordic land

So how do you beat post- long weekend cum post- travelling blues?  Perhaps I may find some answers from one of the happiest country in the world. Continue reading

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Balmy all-White among Roses

This is one of those rare days where everything, from the Regent Park visit to the people gathered, is spontaneous. Everything except the gleaming white on white outfit that is. Truth be told, that was the first time that I have dressed solely for visual effect and I do mean solely. Continue reading