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Summer Dressing and Macalister

At the expense of sounding mundane, I must confess that I have been living in one too many white tops and shorts this summer. Oh and sandals too. But one cannot beat the comfort of such attire in the humid and scorching tropical heat of Penang. White just has a cooling effect in summer, even if it’s a psychological one because that one time that I tried an all-black summer attire, I was melting like ice-cream. So until I have mastered the art of dressing airy in black, I am sticking to White.

The white-top + shorts combo has been such a staple in my summer wardrobe that I even wore it to tea at Macalister Mansion after a day of sightseeing. That is not to say however that I just threw on any shorts and singlet nearest to my reach. What is worse than having ‘Aunties’ (btw, in Malaysia we call every female elder ‘Auntie’) shooting disapproving looks at you while wondering why in the world did your mum not throw out that frugal looking distressed denim for you. For this occasion I tried mixing two juxtaposing pieces. The very casual distressed denim cut-off has been toned down with the more feminine dressy white crotchet sleeveless top. This is perhaps one of those occasion in which I tried to get away with a laid back dressing in a fancy boutique hotel. Fingers crossed that I would be as lucky next time.

Speaking of fancy boutique hotels, Macalister is definitely one of them with a membership of Design Hotels to prove it. Stepping into its minimalist white lobby, my eyes fell on the video installation on loop behind the reception. I had to ask myself if I have mistakenly arrived at a contemporary art museum. Surprise also scattered around the hotel in the form of carbon fibre animal sculptures by the Ministry of Design. While I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the venue, I am less eager about the menus on offer at Living Room, Macalister’s café cum restaurant. I appreciate that the pâtissier used natural beetroot juice in our beetroot cheese cakes but the cakes weren’t memorable. The teas supplied by TWG were great however and so was their impeccable service. All in all I would say that Macalister has fallen under my category of ‘for ambience/ service not food’.

All photos shot on Nikon D60. Photos by me and of me by Patricia.

Wearing ZARA top, Mango denim, Topshop sandals and Oscar sunglasses.

Strait Electric Mosaic Macalister Mansion Living Room @ Macalister Mansion Cat @ Macalister Mansion Summer Dressing and MacalisterSummer Dressing and MacalisterSummer Dressing and Macalister Summer Dressing and Macalister Macalister Mansion Macalister Mansion Mozart @ Macalister Mansion


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