Lazy Easter Lunch

Brighton has not been this quiet for a long time. Pulled down shop shuttles coupled with the usual idleness of a Sunday morning makes dim sum the only worth well reason to head to town. As if to blend in with the overall slow pace, this leisure occasion calls for comfort dressing in the form of slouchy clothing.

When brunch became something non exclusive to those who pulled an all-night clubbing and something of hype, fashion editors dream up a brunch outfit to go with it. Not much of a brunch person myself, I have to start my ‘brunch outfit’ game from ground zero. Personally, the so call ‘brunch outfit’ is such a challenge of sloth and style. How exactly do you dress for brunch or any Sunday lunch? Without compromising on the casualness yet stylish enough just in case you ran into acquaintance. You never know who you might meet in town. (True case, met so many colleagues while about my Sunday stroll.)

But today I’m very much leaning to the sloth and slouchy side. And the idea of PJs is tempting but remains a fashion faux pas on my conscience. Not even after last season huge street parade of silk nightwear. Not even in Brighton’s relatively receptive of styling habits. Don’t get me wrong, I love my PJs in bed, at home. But I have never quite gained the courage to actually wear my PJs on the street yet.

So I settled for the next best thing. Here’s my attempt at cheat dressing in styled comfort. Grab a basic tee or reach for one with a minimalist slogan design if you feel like making a mini Sunday statement. Pull them over any tapered trousers, one that does not fit snugly but rather hangs loosely from your waist. It’s important to absent-mindedly roll up the legs for a softer edge to the otherwise more polished trousers. Throw on an oversize camel coat or an extra cosy cardigan for cold weather and voila! you’re good to go.

Over and back to lounging mode. A belated Happy Easter and enjoy the rest of the bank hols.



Photo by @yililim

Wearing Vintage Jagger Camel Coat, Uniqlo wool cardigan, Zara slogan tees, pinstripe tapered trousers, black leather bag, Asos grey platform laced-up.


3 thoughts on “Lazy Easter Lunch

    • Thanks Arielle! Your discipline in up keeping your blog is amazing. I struggle with even coming up with one nicely written piece every week let alone daily. 😛 Love reading about those little adventures you had. 😉


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