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Balmy all-White among Roses

This is one of those rare days where everything, from the Regent Park visit to the people gathered, is spontaneous. Everything except the gleaming white on white outfit that is. Truth be told, that was the first time that I have dressed solely for visual effect and I do mean solely.

 It all started with the total white look appearing on my radar via fashion bloggers, magazines late spring. Then my lovely and not forgetting very chic friend, Cosy, decided to announce the arrival of summer with this all white look. So in a conversation that happened between us shortly after the post, I declared that I will give the all-white craze a try on our next meet up. The ‘experiment’, as I dubbed it, can be compared to an albino peacock strolling among a flock of colorful plumes. There is definitely a certain sense of theatrical to the whole experiment, much more so with the blankness and connotation of the color white. In terms of visual effects, I am pleasantly surprised how the blankness of white goes really well with the roses and the overall feeling of a summer vacation. In spite the fact that we are still in London and only a few tube stop away from our daily life. The Rose garden was really a change of scenery for me from my usual studio days and also a perfect backdrop to pick up my rusty portraiture photography after the long hiatus. Of course having a willing model helps.

Warmer weather seems to have a positive effect in me by bringing out my adventurous side. I wonder if this is the case with most people. Summer seems to be slowly giving way to the finale of the A/W 2014 runway shows and campaigns. Now excuse me while I go off to bask in this warm light.
Mum & Kid Rose
All White Yellow Rose
  All White Yellow RoseGirls in Summer Rose
DSC_0163 copyYellow Rose
Yellow RoseYellow RoseYellow Rose Smiling CoupleDSC_0120 copyDSC_0131 2 copy 3DSC_0191DSC_0195DSC_0178DSC_0209DSC_0185DSC_0227 copy
 Shot on Nikon D60. Photos of me by Cosy.
 Wearing Zara singlet and trouser stolen from mum.

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